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Nov 9

Jubilee Gardens Features in Guide

Jubilee Gardens has been highlighted as a feature of interest in the highly popular landmark walking guide, South Bank: Walk This Way.

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Apr 21

Shakespeare Comes to the Gardens

2016 marks 400 since the death of William Shakespeare, and the capital is bursting with events celebrating his name. As part of these events, on April the 23rd – 25th, Shakespeare’s Globe will debut ‘The Complete Walk’; a unique and interactive walking experience through central London featuring two film screens in Jubilee Gardens.

Shakespeare: The Complete Walk

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Jan 31

Research shows high approval ratings

During 2016 the Trust carried out over 400 interviews on the Gardens, with residents, local employees and visitors from London, the UK and across the world who together make up the millions who visit the Gardens each year. There were a further 100 in depth interviews with local residents and 200 responses to web surveys from local employees and residents . 

Jubilee Gardens People

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Mar 1

Update: Three Years of the Trust

Ted Inman, Chair of the Jubilee Gardens Trust board, gave a presentation to the South Bank Forum in December 2015 as an update from the Trust to the local community after three full years of the Trust having responsibility for the Gardens.

The presentation (which you can see for yourself below) covers the transformative changes that the gardens has undergone under the management of the Trust, and details some information about its usage by the local populace. 



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Jun 16

Notice to Large Groups and Gatherings

Due to a number of serious incidences in the Gardens,  which caused criminal damage to property and plants and are linked to large meet up groups arranged through social media,  The Jubilee Gardens Trust has decided to suspend permission for these groups,  as well as large gatherings.

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