Jubilee Gardens – Social Distancing Guide

For residents and the many essential workers coming into South Bank every day, including the Guys’ and St Thomas’s Staff who are providing crucial services just over the road from Jubilee Gardens, the Trust believes green spaces still play a vital role in the midst of this crisis. However, this can only happen under strict adherence to the government’s Social Distancing Guidelines.

To that effect, here are some of the most effective ways visitors can help ensure that the Gardens can stay open for all those who need it in this stressful time.

Use hand sanitiser when using the Playground

Please use the hand sanitiser provided when entering and leaving the playground.

Keep at a 2-metre distance

The best and most effective thing to do is to keep to a minimum 2-metre distance from other visitors in the park: if in doubt, keep as far away as you possibly can. The Gardens recommend using all the green space available in the park, not just the laid out pathways.

Stick to exercising or walking

Daily exercise unfortunately doesn’t include relaxing on the grass, or having a picnic or photoshoot out in the sun. Anyone who looks to be engaging in these kinds of outdoor activities will be stopped by Garden Staff, and asked to leave the Gardens.


We’d ask anyone cycling through the park and South Bank to choose to do so carefully. Sticking to solo rides, with an awareness of who’s around you to avoid creating traffic on the pathways, would be of great benefit to the Gardens.

To keep staff healthy and safe, the Jubilee Gardens Trust have implemented recommended Governmental measures across our Gardening and Operations teams. By visitors respectfully keeping to these measures and following social distancing guidelines, we can help ensure that green spaces across London remain accessible and safe.