Jubilee Gardens is privately owned by the Jubilee Gardens Trust. The Trust’s primary functions are to maintain and manage Jubilee Gardens, providing the public with access to the Gardens to use and enjoy for recreational purposes.

We do not allow filming or photoshoots for broadcast or commercial purposes in Jubilee Gardens and are unable to accommodate events.

To ensure good management and protect the public right to use the Gardens, the Trust has adopted appropriate policies, including the following Regulations.


Jubilee Gardens is a popular destination for people who live and work in the area and for visitors from across the world. As such, it is important that there are no activities which might prevent enjoyment of the open space by members of the public, cause a nuisance to others, or be perceived as inconsiderate or as anti-social behaviour.

Regulations listed alphabetically:


For health and safety reasons ball games, Frisbee throwing, etc might be restricted if the Gardens are exceptionally busy. For health and safety reasons the following activities are not permitted in the Gardens:

  • Operation of any kite or model aircraft or any mechanically propelled or operated model (including a drone).
  • Cycling, Skateboarding, rollerblading or the use of scooters.
  • Barbecues, or any form of fire or cooking is not allowed in the Gardens. As well as being a fire hazard, abandoned barbecues can be hazardous to other visitors and to the soft landscape.
  • Fixing anything to trees or driving anything into the ground is not permitted.
  • Erecting tents, marquees, or other structures, or any equipment that is likely to obstruct other park users is not permitted.


Under the terms of the lease, Jubilee Gardens Trust may not permit Jubilee Gardens to be used for any meeting, rally or gathering involving any political or other protest or demonstration of similar purpose including delivering public speeches, addresses and affixing notices (please note this list is not exhaustive).The Jubilee Gardens Trust, in the fulfillment of its legal obligations, is therefore unable to permit any such gatherings.

Camping, erection of tents or marquees, barbecues and open fires are not permitted on the Gardens.


The following are not permitted anywhere on the Gardens:

  • Collecting or soliciting gifts or money.
  • Corporate advertising (any display of corporate banners) and distribution of promotional material.

  • Trading.
  • Busking.
  • Formal public entertainment (unless permission has been given).
  • Fitness/Personal training classes


The following is not permitted in the Gardens:

  • Interference with or damage to any plants, trees, grass, etc
  • Encroaching on any flower bed or shrubbery, or on any area of the Gardens set aside for the renovation of turf, preparation of flower beds or for other landscaping purposes and indicated by a notice displayed by the Trust or authorised agent.
  • Climbing on, interfering with, or damaging any tree, railing, fence, seat, building or structure or notice or sign in the Gardens.
  • The displacement, removal or damage of any barrier, post, seat, implement, structure or ornament or any stone, soil, turf, the whole or any part of any plant, shrub or tree

Dogs are welcome in the Gardens and must be kept on a lead and on the paths. Dogs are not allowed on the lawn/grass or in the playground. When walking a dog in the Gardens please respect other Gardens users by keeping the dog under control.
Please pick up after your dog. Dog waste should be placed in a tightly sealed bag and taken home or deposited in the bin marked for dog waste.
Commercial dog walkers are not allowed to operate in the Gardens.

We are unable to accommodate events.


The Gardens are open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and are staffed by the Jubilee Gardens Grounds Maintenance Team from 6am to 9pm in winter and 6am to 10pm in summer. The Gardens are monitored 24 hours via CCTV and by security patrols day and night. Residential communities live within the vicinity of the Gardens and we ask all Gardens users to be considerate of our local residents whilst in the Gardens and when entering and leaving the Gardens. The nearest toilet facilities are located by the North West corner of the Gardens. These facilities are open from 10am daily and are charged. Please note these are not owned or managed by the Jubilee Gardens Trust.Jubilee Gardens is fully accessible and step free.The irrigation system runs between 10pm and 6am during spring and summer.
There is no parking on the Gardens. The closest car parking is Hungerford car park, which is located adjacent to the Gardens and is charged. The Trust will occasionally park vehicles on the Gardens for maintenance purposes only.

We welcome feedback from our users. Please contact us at want to know what you enjoyed about your visit and where we did not meet your expectations. If you want to raise an issue we undertake to deal with it efficiently, resolve it promptly and act on it to improve our service.

We do not allow filming or photoshoots for broadcast or commercial purposes in Jubilee Gardens.

Flashmobs are not permitted.


We welcome informal picnics in the Gardens. However, the Gardens can get very busy during the summer, which limits available space. We are unable to allow any one group exclusive rights to an area of the Gardens.

When picnicking in the Gardens, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Barbecues, or any form of fire or cooking is not allowed in the Gardens. As well as being a fire hazard, abandoned barbecues can be hazardous to other visitors and to the soft landscape.
  • If playing music please be considerate to others. If it is too loud you will be requested to turn it down.
  • Fixing anything to trees or driving anything into the ground is not permitted.
  • Erecting tents, marquees, or other structures, or any equipment that is likely to obstruct other park users is not permitted.
  • Please ensure that you use plastic cups and bottles where possible. Broken glass is a hazard to other visitors and wildlife and very difficult to remove from the Gardens.
  • Please be careful when bringing balloons into the park. When released balloons can get caught up in the trees and are hard to remove. They can also be hazardous to the wildlife in the Gardens. Mass balloon releases are not permitted in the Gardens for these reasons.
  • Consuming alcohol, and the sale of alcoholic drinks, is not permitted. We reserve the right to confiscate alcohol and/or ask a person in breach of these conditions to leave the Gardens and exclude them for anti-social behaviour.
  • Visitors are requested to collect their litter and use the bins provided or take it away and recycle where possible.
  • Please do not leave any items unattended at any time, both to protect items from theft and also to prevent them causing a possible security alert. Any items that are left and cause suspicion may be removed or destroyed.

The Jubilee Gardens includes an adventure playground, which is for the enjoyment of children up to 11 years. It includes equipment specifically designed for children aged 3 to 6, and 6 to 11 years old. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and children should not be left unattended in the playground. Please note smoking, dogs and alcohol are not permitted in the playground. The playground is designed to provide an enjoyable and challenging experience for children. Jubilee Gardens Trust will not accept any responsibility for any incidents that might occur in the Playground. The Trust ensures the playground is regularly checked and repaired. The Trust believes it has adopted a responsible approach to the design and use of the Playground. For further information see the position statement adopted by the Trust entitled “Managing Risk and Play” by the Play Safety Forum. The playground is generally open every day from dawn until dusk. At times it will be necessary to close the playground for planned maintenance, however, the Jubilee Gardens Trust will endeavour to minimise closures.We welcome the use of the playground by school parties and out of school clubs, who are asked to be mindful of numbers. Large parties of children of 20 or more should ensure the playground is used on a rotation basis.

Unfortunately scattering ashes may cause damage and hence it is not permitted. Ashes contain minerals in such concentrations that they affect the soil and the plants that grow in the soil. This in turn can affect wildlife that relies on the plants for food and shelter.
In order to protect the environment please refrain from releasing balloons in Jubilee Gardens. Many people are unaware of the effect balloons can have on the natural environment. For these reasons, the releasing of balloons is not permitted in Jubilee Gardens. Balloons can get caught in trees and shrubs, potentially hampering growth. Removing them from trees can be costly. Balloons can also be a danger to wildlife attracted to the bright colours. Birds and other animals have on occasion consumed deflated balloons causing injury and even death.The release of doves or other wildlife into Jubilee Gardens is not permitted. Releasing birds is not only unkind but could be an offence under the 1969 Abandonment of Animals Act.

Our priority is to provide a safe, welcoming place for visitors. To meet this aim, the Trust has delegated the South Bank Patrol and Jubilee Gardens Maintenance team as authorised agents of the Trust who can, at their discretion, ask individuals to leave the gardens should they contravene any of these rules.
Jubilee Gardens is also monitored by CCTV. A CCTV policy is in place.
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